Jul 26, 2014
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CLCF 8s End Andreozzi Tournament with Heads Held High

CLCF's 8-year-old All Stars lost to Lincoln 6-4, despite a heroic last inning effort.

CLCF 8s End Andreozzi Tournament with Heads Held High CLCF 8s End Andreozzi Tournament with Heads Held High CLCF 8s End Andreozzi Tournament with Heads Held High CLCF 8s End Andreozzi Tournament with Heads Held High

The CLCF 8-year-old All Stars showed they really were all stars this summer.

On Wednesday, they finally took a loss in the Christopher Andreozzi Memorial Tournament, ending their hopes for the trophy. After getting so close to winning it all, and after winning the 2012 Dighton 8U Battle for the Banner Tournament earlier this summer, you'd think they'd be upset, especially since they were sidelined by injuries.

Not this team. After the game, they were worried about one thing: going out for ice cream.

"There were no politics, favorites or anything close to that, with this team, just a bunch of kids learning and having fun playing the game they love! They really have no clue what they all accomplished; the only thing they were really worried about was going out for ice cream after the game," said CLCF's Alfred Travieso.

Travieso described the team's tough loss and positive spirit very well in an e-mail message. Here it is:

The Cranston CLCF 8-year-olds’ injuries finally took a toll at the 2012 Christopher Andreozzi Memorial Tournament played at Slater Park in Pawtucket.

Cranston CLCF lost to The Lincoln All-Stars 6-4 despite a heroic last inning effort.  CLCF took the lead at the top of the first inning with a hit by Andrew Travieso who came around after stealing bases all the way home.  Lincoln answered back with four hits, a hit by pitch and three walks to take a 5-1 lead after the first inning.  Andrew Travieso then helped himself by coming in to pitch for CLCF and tacking control of the game by only allowing 2 hits and 1 run and striking out four, after the fifty pitch rule Tyler DiNezza then went to the mound to end the bottom of the fifth with a one, two, three inning.

The top of the sixth was a nail biter, Michael Lamond lead off the inning with a walk and after two strikeouts, came in to score on a RBI hit by Andrew Travieso. Shaun McCaghren and Tyler DiNezza then followed with two hits of their own, and scored on a two RBI hit by Allan Kevorkian.  It came down to a hit to possibly tie or an out to go home, luck just had run out for the team, which was put together with a bunch of kids that just wanted to have fun after the regular season was done.

There where no tryouts — it was just trying to get enough players to participate in a tournament team to represent the Cranston CLCF 8’s.  This team had no clue how far they would end up going during the tournament season.

The CLCF 8-year-old all stars took the 2012 Dighton 8U Battle for the Banner Tournament championship, finishing second in the 2012 Rehoboth 2012 Summer

Slam. And they still had a chance to win the Summer Slam - the final game was called after three innings due to rain.  And finished in the final four of the 2012 Christopher Andreozzi Memorial Tournament. 

A special thanks to Head Coach Craig Barbarino, Coach Steve DiNezza, Coach Mick Lamond, parents and supporters of the The Cranston CLCF 8-year-olds.  For all that you all did and the support you gave this team.  This group of kids indeed showed the true meaning why they will be Cranston’s League for Cranston’s Future.  

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