23 Aug 2014
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Letter: The Tomlins' Family Holiday Wish List

Richard R. Tomlins sends along this message of thanks during the holiday season.

Letter: The Tomlins' Family Holiday Wish List

This is a great time of the year to remind ourselves about the importance of our traditions’ and to embrace our families and friends.

For my family it is a time of year to think about and thank our religious leaders, teachers, firemen, emergency personnel, policeman, trash collectors, labors, maintenance individuals, bus drivers for our children and the elderly, the senior center and the many, many individuals and organizations that all work very hard to support our community all year long.

And let us not forget the many coaches (middle and high school) who teach our young people to play sports, but also how to win and loose and what integrity, sportsmanship and team work really means, not only in sports, but in life; while also teaching them that they should work just as hard for their educational endeavors. The same is true of the music department.

We should also thank our Superintendent and his staff for all they do all year long in trying to make sure that all children are given every chance possible to achieve their goals. Let us also give thanks to the school committee who volunteer many hours of work all year long in support of the administration, teachers and most especially all of the students.

Allow me a personal observation: I have been given the privilege of working for St. Mary’s Parish Cranston, and St. Mary’s school in several capacities for well over a decade and without any reservations I commend to you Pastor Very Rev. James J.Verdelotti, Assistant Pastor Rev. David G.Thuber, Jr. Deacon Armand R. Ragosta, Music Director Denise Petrucci, Principal Lisa Lapore and all of the wonderful teachers. They truly do Gods' work on a daily basis. If ever it was true that money does the work, all of these individuals prove that theory wrong every day.

Let us all celebrate in our own way this most magical time of the year, by loving thy neighbor, recognizing that love is the greatest gift of all!

And make sure we pray for those who are suffering, and promise to help in any way that we can, particularly the least among us! Also, let’s not forget all service men and women wherever they are serving in the world and their families. At same time, offer your prayers for all those who have died or returned wounded in any way.

Let us all strive to live our lives dedicated to peace, life, family and love!

From the Tomlins family to all of your families.

God Bless

Richard R. Tomlins

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