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An Errant Rifle Shot & More Dog Problems

Information about the following incidents was supplied by the East Greenwich Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

An Errant Rifle Shot & More Dog Problems

Monday, April 23

12:20 p.m. — Police arrested Catherine Burdick, 30, of Riverside Drive in Warwick, for driving with a suspended license after they ran a registration check on the car while manning a stationary traffic post. After she was pulled over, she said she was only driving because she didn’t have a ride to a doctor’s appointment. Police issued her a court summons and a relative arrived to drive the car from the scene.

5:35 p.m. — Police arrested Tanja Mages, 38, of Beach Pond Road in Voluntown, Conn., for driving with a suspended license after police stopped her because her car was missing a front license plate and was allegedly speeding on Frenchtown Road. Routine checking turned up the suspended Connecticut driver’s license and expired car registration. She had no proof of insurance. Her passenger, a relative, also had an expired license. Police transported Mages to a nearby gas station, issued her a summons and released her. Her car was towed from the scene.

Tuesday, April 24

A Cole Middle School student who admitted to bringing a knife to school after another student informed the principal of the knife. He was suspended and the case is being handled by the juvenile officer.

3:53 p.m. — The security officer at Camp Fogarty on South County Trail reported a visitor’s rifle went off by accident during an inspection of firearms in the man’s car. The weapons, in the trunk, were not secured in transport containers, according to the report. When the man lifted the rifle out of the trunk, it discharged to the east. The man, a private in the National Guard, had with him eight licensed firearms: three rifles, one AR-15, a shotgun, a revolver, a pistol, and a carbine, several loaded. In addition, the man was carrying two small knives, a three types of ammunition. The man consented to have all the firearm stored on base in a secure location. The man was not charged by EG police because the incident took place on National Guard grounds. Police investigated the area east of the camp entrance, including Ridge Road, Canonicus Street, King Philip Trail, Pequot Trail and Valley Road. No sign of the discharged round was found.

7:59 p.m. — The manager of McDonald’s at 1000 Division asked police to issue a No Trespass order to a man who frequents the restaurant who is rude to both employees and customers. The manager said he usually had a black labrador with him and would bring his own cup and help himself to the fountain drinks. While police were there, the man in question called. When police got on the phone with the man, he told the police to “go f*** yourself” and then hung up. The manager had the man’s license plate number, but the New York registration came back with no record found. She also described the man’s passenger van to police. Police told her to call them if he returns.

Wednesday, April 25

4:35 p.m. — Police and EGFD rescue responded to a report of a woman lying unresponsive on the ground by a shanty on Water Street. She appeared to be excessively intoxicated, according to the report, to the point she could barely speak. After some persuasion, she consented to be taken by rescue to Kent Hospital.

Thursday, April 26

8:13 a.m. — Police arrested Arthur Boucher, 57, of Marvin Street in Warwick, for driving with an expired license after they noticed his car had an expired inspection sticker while traveling on north on South County Trail. He told police he couldn’t renew his license because he was unable to pay his taxes. Police said the charge would be dropped if he was able to reinstate his license within 10 days. A relative arrived to drive the car from the scene.

Friday, April 27

6:59 p.m. — A resident of a first floor apartment on Spring Street reported she was having problems with the man who lives in the apartment above her, saying he allows his two dogs to make a lot of noise, waking her up. She also complained that he leaves poop-filled bags under her window. Police talked to the man, who said he tries to keep the dogs quiet and only leaves the bags there for short periods of time. Police left, but returned a short time later when the grandmother of the initial caller, who lives in the first-floor apartment too, said the dogs were still making noise. Police again spoke with the man on the second floor.

Saturday, April 28

12:45 a.m. — Police were called to Norman's Tap on Main Street to quell a pending fight after the manager noticied three men "getting in the face" of her son. Police sent the three men on their way and the manager asked police to help her clear the place. One man protested but left after the manager suggested he "smarten up and just leave."

3:10 p.m. — Police arrested Francisco Gomez Lobos, 20, of Atwells Avenue in Providence, for driving without a license after he was involved in a car accident on Division Street by 1149 Restaurant. Lobos had no identification so he was taken to the station where someone arrived with his Guatemalan passport. Lobos was issued a court summons and a citation and released.

Sunday, April 29

1 p.m. — Two Laurel Hill residents reported that a dog on River Run attacked their dog while they were walking there before noon. Their dog was on a lease, the other dog was not. Their dog had to be treated at an animal hospital for leg and neck puncture wounds. The owner of the agressor dog said it was up on its vaccinations but said the paperwork was in her office in Providence. Police told her to keep the animal in quarantine until notified otherwise by the animal control officer.

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