Jul 28, 2014
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EG Post Office Building For Sale

A retail store with P.O. boxes and counter service will remain in East Greenwich.

EG Post Office Building For Sale

The rumor was floating around East Greenwich for a week or two: the EG Post Office was closing. As with many rumors, there was some truth to it. But the building is not closing ... yet, anyway. On Thursday USPS officials confirmed the East Greenwich Post Office at 5775 Post Road is up for sale. They hastened to add, however, that a retail Post Office would remain in town.

USPS spokeswoman Christine Dumas took pains to say there were no plans to abandon East Greenwich. She said studies were being undertaken of many large post offices where there is more space than needed, East Greenwich being one of them. Pawtucket is another, she said, that's been slated for sale.

“Mail volume is dropping. We don’t need as much space,” Dumas said.

The study of the East Greenwich office indicated that “backroom” operations – sorting of mail and mail carrier pickups – could be moved to with minimal disruption to either community.

But, as Dumas pointed out, “the study just means it’s feasible. It’s not a done deal. If nobody’s interested in the building, it won’t happen.”

Dumas said any buyer would have to be willing to pay the fair market price, since the whole point of the sale would be to make money for the Post Office. The other criteria, she said, was the ability to find a space in East Greenwich for a retail operation that would include P.O. boxes and a counter.

“We have to have a viable offer on the building and we have to provide the same customer service” before a deal could be struck, Dumas said.

Steve Lombardi, head of the EG Chamber of Commerce, said he would be concerned if there was any effort to shut down retail service in town.

“This town has got too much going on,” he said. “If what they do is helpful [to the viabilty of the U.S. Post Office] without hurting the East Greenwich community, I suppose we have to support it.”

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