Jul 28, 2014
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Our Man In Indy: Joey Allen, 10, Goes To The Super Bowl

The OLM fourth grader is a big Patriots fan.

Our Man In Indy: Joey Allen, 10, Goes To The Super Bowl

Joey Allen predicts the Patriots will beat the Giants 24-14 in Sunday's Super Bowl. And he'll be right there to see if he's right. His family has season tickets to the Patriots, which gave them the option to buy two tickets to the big game.

"That's a no-brainer," said Joey's dad, Larry Allen. "It's just so big."

Larry has been to previous Super Bowls, but this will be Joey's first. "I'm excited," he said, wearing a big smile. The fourth grader attends Our Lady of Mercy School and lives in Cowesett.

Joey was particularly happy that his favorite player, Ron Gronkowski, may be able to play in the game, after being sidelined recently with an ankle injury.

He likes Tom Brady too. And he's optimistic that the Pats defense is going to do the job. "I think the defense is going to stop their offense and get a lot of pressure to Eli Manning," he predicted.

Joey, who started playing football himself this year, for North Kingstown Jaguars, has the gridiron in his blood line. His grandfather — Joseph Basler — played for Georgia in the Orange Bowl back in 1949.

Pop Pop died last March. But, said Larry Allen, "he’ll be watching."




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