Jul 26, 2014

Police Log: EG Residents Continue to be Targets of Widespread Scams

The following arrest and incident information was provided by East Greenwich Police. They do not indicate a conviction.

Police Log: EG Residents Continue to be Targets of Widespread Scams

East Greenwich Police took a report from a Wine Street woman on March 24 after she said that a company that promised to reduce her credit card interest rate for a fee was harassing her after she tried to cancel service.

Police said the woman said she got a phone call from a company named American Credit Assistance and a representative promised to lower the interest rate on her Bank of America credit card from 16.99 to 5.99 percent.

To get the lower rate, the company told her they’d charge a $1,000 fee and they somehow knew most of her Social Security number, her mother’s maiden name, address and phone number.

When the woman tried to cancel, the company told her that the agreement was binding. She then cancelled her credit card and soon, phone calls from the company began rolling in and representatives left “threatening voice messages,” according to a police report.

Police are investigating.

On March 25, a Cole Circle Drive resident told police that she got an American Express business credit card in the mail that she never applied for and when she called to inquire about the card, she learned that someone had already racked up charges on it.

Police said American Express cancelled the card and promised the woman she would not be responsible for the charges but advised her to call police and file a report.

Police documented the incident.

Police said the charges occurred in Palm Springs, Calif.

A Grandview Road resident told police on March 26 that she got an unnerving phone call from a man who claimed to be her grandson in trouble with the law and needed $3,000 for bail and legal fees.

Police said the caller claimed to have been arrested by Warwick Police for texting and driving and crashing into another car and his appointed lawyer said he needed $3,000 to get released.

The alleged grandson then passed the phone to a man who claimed to be his lawyer and said he’d call her back after meeting with the judge.

Later, the man purporting to be the lawyer called her back and said if she would deliver the cash, the charges would be dropped and he could be met at “any” area Walmart to make the exchange.

When the “lawyer” asked where the resident currently lived, she hung up the phone. She then called Warwick Police who said they had no record of the arrest.

Police are investigating.

East Greenwich Police are investigating suspicious activity reported in East Greenwich Cemetery off First Avenue.

Police said trash and debris have been located in an area of the woods off a dirt track. They also said a homemade bong was found near a log that was apparently used as a table.

Police said trash and debris and the use of logs for seating have been seen since last summer.

Police removed the bong.

East Greenwich Police were dispatched to 35 Forest Lane for a report of three loose dogs on March 26.

Police said the dogs were three male black labs that were found in the woods behind a resident’s house. They had no collars or ID tags and were transported to North Kingstown Animal Hospital.

East Greenwich Police received a lost cat on March 25 after a North Kingstown resident found it in the middle of the road.

Police said the cat was found near Middle Road and Avenger Drive.

The cat, described as black and white with no collar or tags, was transported to North Kingstown Animal Hospital where it was given fresh water and food.

East Greenwich Police cited Anthony J. Cook, 18, of 1 W. Scenic View, Johnston, for marijuana possession March 26 after a traffic stop on Division Road.

Police said Cook was stopped for speeding 50 mph in a 35 mph zone and an officer smelled a very strong odor of marijuana when Cook rolled down his window.

Police said they seized a bag containing 5.1 grams of marijuana.

Police cited Allen Bello, 21, of Brooklyn, N.Y., with marijuana possession after a traffic stop on Main Street on March 27.

Police said they stopped the car because the front passenger was not wearing a seat belt and the inside of the car reeked like marijuana.

Bello reportedly admitted to possessing marijuana and handed police a bag containing 8 grams of marijuana.

Police charged Juan A. Gonzalez, 24, of 114 Peabody Drive, Warwick, with misdemeanor possession of marijuana after they seized 38 grams of pot after a traffic stop on Main Street March 27.

Police said the car was stopped because the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt and the car was traveling well under the posted 25 mph speed limit.

Police charged Randy M. Dobbins, 20, of 70 Lucas Road, Warwick, with a warrant March 29 after a traffic stop for not wearing a seatbelt. Police said a check of his information showed he had an active Third Division District Court bench warrant for failure to appear.

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