23 Aug 2014
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Sequence Combines Genetic Testing, Wellness Services

The newly opened Sequence Genetic and Integral Wellness looks offers a combined East-West approach to health.

Sequence Combines Genetic Testing, Wellness Services

What if a genetic test could tell just what sorts of foods are best for you to remain healthy or loose weight?

Or maybe there’s a history of breast cancer (or Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis) in your family and you want to know if you carry a gene that makes you more susceptible?

Or perhaps you’re nearing menopause and you’re looking for help navigating the change?

Sequence Genetic and Integral Wellness opened on Post Road in East Greenwich in July to provide those services and more.  It’s half genetic testing, half wellness center, combining Eastern and Western philosophies, according to Courtnay Meletta, who is co-founder of Sequence.

They chose East Greenwich because it's centrally located, Meletta said. 

Meletta is a holistic counselor. Her partner, Francisco Gutierrez, is a medical doctor who practices on Aquidneck Island. According to Meletta, Gutierrez got interested in genetic testing and wellness therapies after he suffered a stroke at age 41. He recovered but realized he needed to get healthy. 

Meletta's background as a yoga practitioner and holistic counselor complemented Gutierrez's traditional Western medicine background. Sequence Genetic and Integral Wellness was born. 

In a recent interview, however, Meletta stressed that Sequence is not a doctor’s office. You won’t leave Sequence with a diagnosis, she said. Rather, “it’s our job to educate people. We’re going to leave you with an action plan.”

Some clients may come in just for the genetic testing, some just for the wellness services (yoga, massage, counseling, nutrition), but the option is for clients to get both. So, if you are looking to loose weight, the genetic tests could illustrate how best to get that done. Then the nutritionist can step in. 

It's not for everyone, Meletta said. "Not everyone wants a big change."

But, she added, the genetic tests can be a great motivator: "Some people need to see the hard facts to make a lifestyle change."  

An array of genetic tests are available and the wellness areas are in stress relief, nutrition, physical fitness and mental health. There is a pharmacist on staff as well. 

"It's a team-based approach," Meletta said.


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