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OMG PD: Yukon Jack, Assault Over Crack

We compile the odd, oh-my-gosh-worthy news from around the state.

OMG PD: Yukon Jack, Assault Over Crack

My Co-Pilot Is Yukon Jack

A Smithfield man's New Year's Eve drive through Johnston had a smashing finale — literally. Police reported that they found the man's 1993 Thunderbird off the side of the road with major front-end damage from an apparent accident. They suspected he'd been drinking. According to the police, the man did admit to drinking and driving  — and trying to toss a couple of 'nip' bottles of Yukon Jack into nearby bushes. He reportedly failed a field sobriety test, but refused to take a Breathalyzer test.

Ma’am? I Think You Forgot Something…

A Cranston police officer got quite a surprise when he went to inspect a car illegally parked in the fire lane outside K-Mart.. A K-Mart employee nearby, who was unaware there was a child in the car, told the officer that the driver said she was running into the store “for only a few minutes.” According to police, the mother “did not seem to understand the gravity of the situation” nor the dangers of leaving her child in an unlocked car.

Not a very merry Christmas

Police recently picked up a Woonsocket man charged with domestic assault and larceny stemming from an altercation after a Christmas party. According to the man’s 56-year-old victim, the man .  When the woman refused, the 50-year-old man allegedly hit her several times and shoved her until the woman’s daughter broke up the altercation.

9-Year-Old Charged With B&E

Most elementary school children plot of ways to escape the confines of their educational institution. But, . The two boys allegedly broke a window, but were unable to climb through. According to reports, the duo then pried open a door and got into the school, stealing an eclectic assortment of candy, a calculator, movies, watches and a pencil box. The first boy was arrested in November while the second was charged this past week. The two face felony charges of breaking and entering.

Nothing Says ‘Happy New Year’ Like a Bullet Through a Wall…

One East Providence woman rang in the New Year with a bang…literally. While watching television in her apartment, the woman said she heard a loud pop and saw smoke coming from the sidewall. Apparently, , hitting a flower vase and lodging itself in a wooden support beam. Police are investigating the source of the shot and are calling it a “very rare [occurrence].”

93-Year-Old Woman Leads Police on Chase

Barrington police pursued a speeding vehicle for nearly 1.5 miles on Wampanoag Trail and County Road. . Apparently, the elderly woman was completely unaware of the police following her south on Wampanoag Trail. She was not charged with a violation, but officers did report her to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a competency test.

Man Rings In New Year With Two Arrests in One Day

It only took two-and-a-half hours into 2012 for an East Boston man to rack up his first arrest of the New Year. . Middletown police arrested the man at 2:30 a.m. on charges of domestic assault after he allegedly punched a 39-year-old woman in the face. Seven hours later, he was charged with violating a no-contact order when he was found at the woman’s hotel room.

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