To the citizens of East Providence, Senate District 18:

I have been very proud to serve the city of East Providence for the last four years as your State Senator, so it is with great gratitude and a bit of sorrow that I will not be a candidate for re-election to the 2012 Rhode Island Senate.

Through your efforts I was fortunate to serve two terms, representing District 18, with outstanding Senators throughout our State and a legislative staff at the State House we all should be proud of.

Since my election in 2008, I have been working on behalf of myconstituents to improve conditions in the lives of those residing in our state. I am proud that legislation I proposed resulted in assisting workers laid off by the closing of the Colibri Group, providing employees with extended health insurance coverage. I was also pleased to supportsuch legislative acts that advocated for a fair, equitable school funding formula, that granted adoptee rights to vital records, and that established pension reforms to better equip our state to keep the state pension system sustainable for years to come.

As I have stated in earlier statements, the pension reform decisions have had a direct effecton my own future. The results of two pension reform bills, in ’09 and ’11, have extended my own years of service to contribute by 12 years from 28 to 40 years.

The circumstances of additional years before considering retirement and the further responsibilities of today’s school administrators with the new educator evaluation system would provide me with considerably less time to continue the demanding position as your Senator. Therefore my decision is to not seek reelection once the 2012 General Assembly session is completed.

I would like to thank the 13,186 constituents who casted their vote for me over the four election campaigns that gave me the great opportunity to serve our community during an era where tough decisions had to be made. I appreciate the numerous contacts from constituents overthe past years which were so valuable in my study of an issue, helping to form my opinion. Whether in agreement or not, those conversations were generally respectful and certainly enlightening.

I have learned much and many of you have helped me to sharpen my skills and abilities to serve. This opportunity would never been mine without the encouragement and support of so many. Thank you for your patience and thanks for all your efforts on my behalf!

Senator Frank A. DeVall Jr.

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