Jul 29, 2014

May 8: Marine, Chat, Rain, Blog, Plans

A U.S. serviceman contacting a local student, our upcoming live chat with Mayor Polisena, and our one-click blogging are on the list for your 5 Things To Know Today.

May 8: Marine, Chat, Rain, Blog, Plans

Marine: Less than a week ago, we received an email from a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan who was looking to reach a Johnston student who'd written him a letter — and yesterday, we helped them make contact.

Chat: Tomorrow at noon, we'll be hosting a live chat with Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena. Watch for the link in the morning, then bookmark it so you can check back when we go online. If you have a question for the mayor, email Editor Joe Hutnak at joseph.hutnak@patch.com and be sure to include your full name so we can ask your question.

Rain: Not-so-good news on the weather front — unless you're a gardener, or a duck: The JohnstonPatch Weatherbug forecast calls for a chance of rain during the day and cooler temps in the mid-50s. Precipitation potential persists through Friday morning.

Blog: You've got something to say about Johnston — so, say it on your own JohnstonPatch blog! We've made it ridiculously easy to sign up.

Plans: Have you started your summer activity list yet? Check out this column written by Mom's Council member Johanna Corcoran from last May 8 for ideas.

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