23 Aug 2014
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Police ID Woman Found in Cranston Pond

Cranston Police say Colleen Hopkins died when her car went through a fence and ended up in a retention pond behind the Plainfield Pike Walmart.

Police ID Woman Found in Cranston Pond


The woman who died after she apparently drove through a fence, down an embankment and into a detention pond behind the was 54-year-old Colleen Hopkins of Johnston.

Police said Hopkins' cause of death has yet to be determined by the medical examiner, but there's no reason to suspect foul play.

Police said they're still investigating.

Earlier today, police released a timeline of what happened sometime overnight between Sunday and Monday. Hopkins' appears to have hopped the curb on the side of a private access road before going through the fence.

Her Chrysler Sebring was found upside down in the water, first noticed by a truck driver making a delivery to Walmart around 12:45 Monday afternoon.

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