Jul 28, 2014

Brothers From Other Mothers

Carm gets caught up in photographic moment with her boys.

Brothers From Other Mothers

Sometimes a photograph is taken that tells a story that words can do little or no justice to.  This week’s photo with my boys demonstrated one of those instances.

From preschool to prom, these boys have grown up together. 

We traveled from ball field to ball field, season after season.  Endless sleepovers were a normal way of life and when the girlfriends came, we parents had faith that this “growing up” thing would be okay so long as they stuck together and as it turns out, we were right.

Now, at the ripe old age of seventeen we have discovered what a special relationship these boys have with each other.  They have no idea that they each hold a treasure within themselves that few people in the world ever get to harness; the treasure of brotherly friendship.

They can finish each other sentences.  There are more inside jokes than anyone can keep track of and they have the same taste in, well, everything.  They work hard, play harder and can eat us out of house and home with a lightning speed that defies science.

All dressed up and ready to dance the night away, the boys looked sharp posing for the cameras with genuine smiles and a devil-may-care-attitude.  They were a picture perfect example of what the American teenager is all about; young, strong, and goofy as all get out.  Before I knew it, my own son took my camera from me and the set up was in full swing.  I was on the wrong end of the camera with my boys about me and my son’s finger on the camera trigger.

It was an unbelievable moment as they gathered around me to immortalize this moment with their “other “mother. The gang that they are, they pushed their way to their place in the set up and one of them shared their “rock star” spectacles as if the photo would not be complete without them.  

As unpredictable as raising children can be, the most frightening prospect is the fear that your child might not have a friend to navigate the world with. This bunch alleviated any fear of isolation long age when they began to travel as a pack. Sometimes all together, sometimes in smaller groups and sometime in pairs, they always know where to pick up where the others have left off. It is nearly a magical process. 

These boys exemplify the very best of what their terrific parents always hoped they would be and their parents do me the honor of sharing their boys with me to scold, hug and feel pride for. I could not have been more blessed than if they were my own.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? You better believe it. Pull out your favorite photo album and let the storytelling begin.

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