Jul 25, 2014

Lobster Shack May Expand Into Fishermen's Wharf

The shack is open for its third season, selling lobster, crab and conch right off the boat.

Lobster Shack May Expand Into Fishermen's Wharf

The Newport Lobster Shack is back for its third season, with the possibility of expanding into a Rhode Island Fishermen's Wharf, the Providence Journal reported.

The Newport Lobster Shack, located on Long Wharf, is now open, selling lobster, crabs and conch fresh-off the boat. The shack doubled in size from the first year to the second, and sales increased 30 percent, according to the association's David Spencer. Now the third season is starting.

"None of us look at this as an end point," Spencer said. "It's a beginning."

Working with the state's Department of Environmental Management, which owns the wharf, this summer the association will sell live and cooked lobster during the week of .

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