Jul 28, 2014
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What To Do With Fallen Branches and Trees

The following information was provided by the town of Middletown

What To Do With Fallen Branches and Trees

1.  For branches, trees and limbs that have fallen on the street or public right-of-way, the Department of Public Works (DPW) is in the process of removing these materials.  If you find that after a week we missed your property, please contact DPW.

2.  For branches or limbs that have fallen onto your property and can be moved without mechanical equipment, residents can place the branch or limb on the curb of their property and the DPW will collect it.  If possible, the Town requests that residents cut these materials down to a 4-foot length.  The Department of Public Works will run daily collection routes throughout the Town through November 12th; if it appears that we missed you, please contact the DPW.



3.  Town Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) customers should take advantage of the yard waste program.  Leaves and yard waste collection is scheduled to be picked up weekly through the week of November 19th.  Please follow the program’s rules, which are attached to the end of this message.  Contact the Refuse & Recycling Coordinator with your questions.

4.  Residents who use private subscription trash collection services should work with their private hauler to arrange for the necessary pickups.

Unfortunately the Town cannot remove trees, branches or limbs from private property that cannot be carried to the curb of the property.  Residents will need to privately contact with a tree removal service for this work.  Residents should contact the Building Official in the event a structure is damaged on their property so it may be inspected for structural damage.

Please take every precaution necessary to keep yourself safe, and where possible help out a neighbor.


Contact information:

  • Middletown Police Department Dispatch:  (401) 846-1144, select option 0 for the dispatch officer
  • Department of Public Works:  (401) 846-2119 or email lferris@middletownri.com
  • Refuse & Recylcing:  (401) 842-6519 or email wcronin@middletownri.com
  • Middletown Buidling Inspector:  (401) 847-5769


PAYT Rules & Regulations - Leaves and yard waste:

Leaves and yard waste (grass clippings, small branches, etc.) will be collected 23 weeks during the year (See Calendar Pg. 3 for dates). All material will be composted, please DO NOT place any other trash in with your yard waste or it will not be   collected. Place yard waste in barrels clearly marked “yard waste” or paper compost bags and place curbside on your normal collection day and time. Please do NOT use your Town issued trash or recycling carts for Yard Waste collection.  Containers/bags should weigh no more than 50 lbs and branches should be in tied bundles, no longer than 4 ft. “Yard Waste” stencils for labeling your yard waste barrels are avail- able at the Department of Public Works. Be sure to leave a cart out until yard waste and/or Christmas trees have been collected. Yard waste will only be collected at homes participating in the town program. Christmas trees will be collected on collection day. Do not put trees out until the night before.

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