Jul 29, 2014
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Election Preview: Wilkens Not Running For Council

Councilor Christopher Wilkens will challenge for Teresa Tanzi’s seat, and the School Committee is practically elected already.

Election Preview: Wilkens Not Running For Council Election Preview: Wilkens Not Running For Council

NARRAGANSETT – Despite the absence of a current councilor running for another office, it will be a crowded town council race this year, with as many as 12 candidates on the ballot.

According to paperwork filed at Narragansett Town Hall for the November election, current councilor Christopher Wilkens will not seek re-election. Instead, he will be the Republican challenge to the R.I. House seat currently held by Teresa Tanzi, assuming he bests Stephen C. Tetzner in a primary.

The four other incumbent councilors – Glenna Hagopian, David Crook, Susan Cicilline Buonanno and Alisa Trainor Fleet – are running for re-election, along with eight others. See the chart below for a full accounting of all the races.

In contrast, barring a huge write-in campaign, the Narragansett School Committee slate is set. Only five candidates are up for election – incumbents Guy deWardener, Tammy McNeiece, Diane Nobles and Frank White, and newcomer Keith Ranaldi.

Robert W. Briar Narragansett Town Council James Callaghan Narragansett Town Council Susan Cicilline Buonanno Narragansett Town Council David J. Crook, Sr. Narragansett Town Council Glenna Hagopian Narragansett Town Council Eugene P. Kelly *** Narragansett Town Council Chris Laccinole Narragansett Town Council Michael Lapisky Narragansett Town Council Patrick Murray Narragansett Town Council Douglas McLaughlin Narragansett Town Council Matthew Mannix Narragansett Town Council Alisa Trainor Fleet Narragansett Town Council


Guy deWardener Narragansett School Committee Tammy McNeiece Narragansett School Committee Diane Nobles Narragansett School Committee Keith Ranaldi Narragansett School Committee Frank White Narragansett School Committee

*** = According to town officials, Kelly also submitted for a state race, which invalidated his application for town council.

We will have a look at the South Kingstown, state and federal candidates tomorrow morning, starting at 6 a.m. Want to be e-mailed when we have new election coverage? Click the “keep me posted!” button below.

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