20 Aug 2014
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Council Supports Installation of Median on Newport Pell Bridge

Council Supports Installation of Median on Newport Pell Bridge
In a 7-0 vote on Wednesday night, Newport City Council voted to join the Town Council of Jamestown to request the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority install a center median barrier on the Newport Pell Bridge and request that law enforcement strictly enforce speeding and distracted driving laws.

The decision came only weeks after Elijah Swift, 75, of Exeter, was killed in a head-on collision on Christmas Eve. 

By March, engineers should be ready to make a recommendation about the installation of a median, David Darlington, chairman of the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority told The Jamestown Press.

Darlington also said the 40 mph speed limit needs to be reduced and enforced, possibly with the installation of speed cameras. He added the issue, which involves complicated engineering questions, has been studied since 2006.

If a decision is made to install a median, it will not be before 2015, said Darlington.

But the question remains: "What do locals want?"  Here is what some had to say on t he Newport Patch Facebook Page.

Kimberly Wagner I think that people shouldn't be speeding and should pay more attention. We don't have a median down East Main or West Main Road.

Raychel Brown Put speed bumps on the bridge rather than a median

Amy McCoil Yes!! It doesn't matter if you personally have never had an issue. But until something is installed I guess I will keep driving "properly". And hope everyone else does too.

Andrea Phelps Aaahhh yes! Enough talk do something about it before there are more people injured or killed. My word put up a median it's a no brainier

Nancy Downing Yes!!! How many more accidents is it going to take...

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