Jul 28, 2014

Daisy and Her Seeing-Eye Dog Are a Package Deal

Daisy and Ellie Mae are up for adoption at the Potter League.

Daisy and Her Seeing-Eye Dog Are a Package Deal

When it comes to Potter League pups Daisy and Ellie Mae, the two are inseparable. Daisy went blind about a year ago, and Ellie Mae is her unofficial seeing-eye dog.

The two dogs, both eight years old, were relinquished to the Potter League because their owners were in the service and are now up for adoption.

Daisy is a mixed beagle with a tail that never seems to stop wagging. Ellie Mae is a coonhound mix who is happy to sit, shake and even spin around for a treat. 

The Potter League is offering a two-for-one deal and will only charge the price of one dog to adopt the duo.

The Potter League’s Facebook page also wrote that one night, staff put their beds on opposite sides of the room one night before leaving. The next morning, Daisy and Ellie Mae had moved their beds back together side by side.

“They need to go together,” Potter League trainer Byron Davies said. “Daisy depends on Ellie Mae. We’d like to see them in a home together with each other.

They’re very well behaved. . .and would be great companions.”

Watch Daisy and Ellie Mae’s video here. Contact the Potter League for more information at 401-846-8276.

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