23 Aug 2014
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Tavern on Broadway Introduces Chocolate Bacon Bar

Chocolate and bacon? More and more people think it's the perfect combo.

Tavern on Broadway Introduces Chocolate Bacon Bar
Ten years ago, suggesting chocolate and bacon might go well together would get you some raised eyebrows and looks of disgust.

But today, the intoxicating combination of salty and sweet is being played with by chefs across the county.

Here in Newport, the folks at The Tavern On Broadway are introducing a new chocolate bacon bar dessert that they say "marries the smoky taste of fresh bacon with chocolate and salted caramel for a delectable indulgence."

The bar is composed of chocolate bacon ganache layered with salted caramel, crispy bacon, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream.

"The idea of mixing chocolate with meat is not new and actually dates back to the Aztec days with their invention of a thick chocolate-laced mole sauce," said Chef Tim Sousa. "Experimenting in The Tavern kitchen with the different elements of chocolate and bacon led to the creation of an unforgettable dessert.”

The inspiration for the dish came when he saw a bacon mocha coffee drink on the menu at a nearby coffee shop.

The dessert will be featured the entire Valentine's Day weekend on a special Valentine's menu and is available on the winter menu every day.

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