Jul 27, 2014
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Black Rat Snakes-Oh No!

Black Rat Snakes-Oh No!
These black rat snakes will NOT be found on your ArtVenture hikes. (They're only down in the Ashaway area.)  What you might find is fabulous art created by 9 talented local artists. I noticed this snake while hiking thinking someone had created some really cool iron art, like Ken MacDonald's, in this tree.  Hiking, while looking for art, will heighten your awareness of all the little, and big, things around you.

The kickoff will be July 19th and everyone is invited!  Art will be hidden in Ryan Park, Bush Hill, and Calf Pasture Point.  It will run through August 16th.  If you find the art, you can keep it!  We ask that you log your find, along with any comments &/or pictures, on our website, www.NKArtsCouncil.org.  The art will be numbered so this will inform us on what has been found.  Any unfound art will be raffled off at our "Meet Your Artist" event, Tuesday, Aug. 19.  This event is sponsored by the North Kingstown Arts Council and Centreville Bank.

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