Jul 28, 2014
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Dog That Bit Golden Retriever Deemed Vicious

A vicious dog hearing board has deemed one NK dog to be vicious.

Dog That Bit Golden Retriever Deemed Vicious

A three-person board has deemed a Rhodesian Ridgeback that attacked two dogs to be vicious.

The four-year-old dog reportedly got away from its owner during a walk in Ryan Park and attacked a Golden Retriever, injuring both the retriever, the retriever's owner and the Ridgeback's own owner. According to reports, the Ridgeback attacked another dog in a previous incident.

The board's decision was based on a Rhode Island State Law that states that "any dog that bites, inflicts, assaults, or otherwise attacks a human being, or domestic animal without provocation on public private property" shall be deemed vicious.

The dog's owners, Nancy and Mark Seaback, must meet the following requirements in 30 days from the hearing (Oct. 25):

  • take out a vicious dog insurncy policy that covers up to $100,000 in damages;
  • must notify police and animal control if the dog is loose;
  • must notify both cities/towns if they move

Additionally, the owners cannot sell or give the dog away. If they do not want the dog, it shall be humanely euthanized. If they do not meet the above requirements, they will have to hand over the dog to the Town of North Kingstown.

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