Jul 29, 2014
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NK Welcomes 'Pink' Consignment Shop

The Pink Chair recently opened its doors on Post Road.

NK Welcomes 'Pink' Consignment Shop NK Welcomes 'Pink' Consignment Shop NK Welcomes 'Pink' Consignment Shop NK Welcomes 'Pink' Consignment Shop NK Welcomes 'Pink' Consignment Shop


There’s a new business on Post Road and the directions to get there are ridiculously simple.

Look for the pink building.

After November’s business edition of musical chairs that saw , it at first appeared that yet another building on Post Road would be vacant. But, one mother-daughter duo made sure that would not be the case.

On the heels of Consignment Goods’ exit, Denise Titterington and daughter Megan Grandmaison opened their own kind of consignment store  – the Pink Chair. As if the pink exterior paint wasn’t enough of an indication, these ladies stress that their store isn’t just a reincarnated version of its predecessor.

Necklaces, brooches and bracelets line the countertops. Glassware ranging from modern to antique is arranged on dining tables and in display cases. Modern couches are decorated with traditional pillows, traditional couches are decorated with modern pillows. And what consignment store is complete without a traditional Japanese wedding kimono hanging from the ceiling?

Titterington attributes the eclectic mix of goods to her and her daughter’s different taste in style and décor. For 28-year-old Grandmaison, attracting customers in her age group, who often turn to Ikea and Target for home furnishings, is crucial.

“For me, I don’t necessarily want antiques in my home,” said Grandmaison. “Here, I’m trying to bridge the gap between antiques and modern stuff.”

Not only are the store’s items diverse in style, they’re diverse in prices.

“I think we have a broad price range,” said Grandmaison. “You can get something for $4 or you can get something for $400.”

After hearing from building owner Heidi Stevens (who co-owns the antique store ) that Consignment Goods was relocating, Titterington felt it was the perfect time to open a business with her daughter – a dream the two have had for years. Both North Kingstown residents, Titterington teaches water aerobics at the (also across the street) while Grandmaison is a local artist.

After getting the keys to the building, Titterington walked in to the building and was greeted by big, empty store.

“I thought ‘How could I fill this? What have I done?’” said Titterington.

Her fear was soon erased: now, Titterington and her daughter battle to keep up with their growing inventory and customer base.

“The community has been very supportive and very nice,” said Titterington.

So where does the name “The Pink Chair” come from? According to Titterington, she used to have a pink Adirondack chair in her front yard in Narragansett. Known for said pink chair, Titterington used the phrase in her username for eBay. Since then, the name has stuck.  

The Pink Chair now joins a bevy of other consignment and antique shops in town – including the , , Re, , the , and .

“I think the more the merrier,” said Titterington. “People come to North Kingstown to shop at these stores and it makes it a destination.

The Pink Chair is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

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