Jul 30, 2014

Former Gubernatorial Candidate Says 'PolitiFact' Got It Wrong

Former gubernatorial candidate John Robitaille says his Tweet was misinterpreted.

Former Gubernatorial Candidate Says 'PolitiFact' Got It Wrong Former Gubernatorial Candidate Says 'PolitiFact' Got It Wrong

says PolitiFact Rhode Island, a service used by The Providence Journal, got it wrong when they critiqued his Tweet earlier this week. 

Robitaille, a Republican who ran for governor in 2010, sent out the following Tweet on July 8: 

Unemployment Rate Dropped In Every State That Elected A Republican Gov. In 2010  http://shar.es/tfpfl  via  @sharethis

PolitiFact Rhode Island ruled the claim as "half true" and found that unemployment rates fell in every state last year, except New York. You can read PolitiFact's analysis of the claim here

Robitaille, when reached by e-mail, says he was only re-tweeting an article so followers could read it. 

"It was the 'title of an article' I sent out via Twitter so that Twitter followers could read the referenced article," he wrote. "The title was: 'Unemployment rate dropped in every state that elected a Republican gov. in 2010' and it contained a link to the article. Again, this was the title of the article, not a statement made by me."

Robitaille said the PolitiFact article was "misleading" since this was not a claim made by him. 

"Furthermore, for the reporter to begin the story with 'Mark Twain wrote ‘figures often beguile me,’ in describing their persuasive ability to mislead' infers that I tried to mislead someone," Robitaille wrote.

"This is folly. If the reporter has an issue with the entire story (which I did not write) he has a right to his opinion and can critique the author. However the fact remains, and the reporter admits, that the title/statement is correct.

"They apparently went to great lengths in an attempt to discredit the title of the article and me for passing it along." 

What do you think about Robitaille's statement? Do you think the PolitFact article was misleading? 

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