Jul 28, 2014

Handy Tip Of the Day

I had to do some Paint touch ups in one of my Apt.s today . It was painted by the tenant , and I have no idea what the paint mix/color is. Since the plug covers were painted I could use one to take for the Hardware store to match . The Hardware store has a machine that can match the color . The only draw back is you need to know the finish . If it is flat it could be an eggshell .  Some shine could be semigloss . Very shinny could be high gloss .   I take a wet towel and wipe a section of the paint . Then shine a light and look for a gloss or a flat finish . I guessed right because the paint looks great .  Now to clean the brushes .
Helping Hand

A spectrophotometer. It's a device about the size of a shoebox that's hooked up to a computer. It measures color electronically. There's a port on one end that shines a light on the object, or whatever sample you bring us. It takes a very sophisticated reading of each wavelength of light reflected off the object.

Like a camera?

Exactly. There's a digital memory — sort of like the information that would make a photograph, but we don't print anything out. We call this a prescription, because it calculates the exact amount of various pigments it will take to make a color match.

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Helpful tips are always welcome . Life is a learning process .

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