Jul 29, 2014
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Have You Seen Any Spring Blooms In Portsmouth?

A different kind of holiday decoration can be seen on a cherry tree in East Greenwich.

Have You Seen Any Spring Blooms In Portsmouth?

Patch reader Joyce Fortin sent this e-mail recently: "For a breath of spring, please take a ride to the First Avenue side of Eldridge School [East Greenwich]. There is a cherry tree in FULL BLOOM...OMG what a gift. It's been in bloom for approx. 4 days but won't last much longer with cold weather on the way. Mother Nature has smiled on us...."

Sure enough, I stopped by earlier today and there they were – cherry blossoms in December.

So, is this a sign of climate change? From the bit of research I conducted, I think not, though it is unusual.

According to a story on the website  Gothamist, the same thing happened two years ago at the Brooklyn (N.Y.) Botanical Garden. The writer of that story spoke to BBG's Japanese Hill-and-Pond curator Brian Funke, who explained "usually these trees will bloom in December only if a cold spell is followed by warm weather" – imitating spring. And, in fact, we had a cold snap in late November followed by warm weather last week. 

I've heard from a friend in Coventry that there's a bush in bloom with purple flowers in his yard.

Are there any unusual blooms in Portsmouth? Let us know in the comments. Better yet, take a picture and upload it here!

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