Jul 29, 2014

Members of Superintendent Search Committee Resign in Protest

Six members have reportedly resigned in just the past few days.

Members of Superintendent Search Committee Resign in Protest
The search for a new superintendent in Portsmouth appears to have hit a snag after six members of the superintendent search committee have apparently resigned in protest in the last week.

One of those who resigned is School Committee Member Frederick Faerber, who said in an interview that he feels the process has been "mishandled."

Faerber would not elaborate much on what exactly has been "mishandled," but he suggested that School Committee Chairman David Croston upset several members of the search committee for various reasons.

Other members of the search committee who have resigned include parent representative Michelle Pope, teacher and union representative Jody Clarke, Principal Lisa Little, Finance Director Chris DiIurio and others.

Faerber said some of the resignations of his former fellow search committee members stem from an incident during an executive session meeting after which several members stormed out.

The resignations come at a time when the remaining members of the committee are expected to conduct a final round of interviews for two finalists for the job tonight.

Faerber also said there are widespread concerns about alleged meetings held at the Portsmouth Coffee House with prospective superintendent candidates outside of the search committee and School Committee.

More details will be posted soon.

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