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OMG PD: One Man Nude, Another Spewed

Check out some of the more unique police reports from around the state.

OMG PD: One Man Nude, Another Spewed

Sleeping Driver Thrown From Truck Window Lives

Is this the one exception where forgetting to buckle up was the right move? Apparently, the  in the early morning hours in Narragansett potentially spared his life. According to reports, the unbuckled driver fell asleep at the wheel and flipped his truck, which skidded on its side for about 100 feet. It was at this time the man told police he fell out of the passenger side window before the truck hit a utility pole, snapping it in half. A preliminary accident investigation confirmed the man's story, police said, and he only received non life-threatening injuries.

Man Caught Doing Laundry Naked

Renters, ever encountered your neighbor or tenant doing their laundry in the nude? Apparently one man,  thought it was okay. According to reports, neighbors complained of a naked man repeatedly washing his clothes in the community laundry room. The incident that drew most attention was when a mother and her 10-year-old daughter walked in to find the man completely naked. After officers knocked on his apartment door, he answered it only wearing underwear, and explained the lack of clothes because he was "putting stuff in the wash."

Failure to Communicate? More Like Failure to Puke

A Cranston man  for police to disrupt his late night drunken tirade of screaming in the streets, that instead doing the normal post-arrest aggression of attempting to destroy the back seats of a police cruiser, he couldn't even perform a spiteful gag reflex. Upon calls from neighbors, officers responded to an area on reports of a man walking around with no shirt screaming and yelling, and found the man at his girlfriend's apartment. At first, police were able to quiet him down, and he then went to a convenience store around the corner to get a bag of chips. Once he rounded the corner, police said he "began yelling and barking like a dog" to incite their reaction. Walking back from the store, the man continued to yell and threw his bag of potato chips to the ground. He continued swearing at police and ran inside his girlfriend's house. Police pried the man from the house after a few minutes. En route to headquarters, the man reportedly tried to smash out the rear window with his head, and then tried to induce vomiting in the back of the car. 

"He slightly spit and gagged to vomit, however was unsuccessful," said an officer.

Lying 911 Caller May Have Taken Too Many Drugs

Woonsocket's seen its share of , so chalk this up on the list. This alleged  first sent police to an address claiming a man was standing outside holding an AK-47. According to reports, police went and found no man with an automatic weapon, or the caller. Officers quickly located the caller, who appeared unsteady on his feet and slurred his speech. The caller claimed a man had threatened to kill him. Officers asked him when this occurred, and the caller said the threat had happened four months ago, and then admitted he hadn't seen the man since. During this alleged lie, a second officer saw the man drop a baggie on the ground, which turned out to have nine pills in it, two of which were identified as Clonazepam, a schedule three drug. The caller was arrested and charged with providing a false 911 report and drug possession.

Hello! That's My Gun You're Touching

A Tiverton man who reportedly took Vicodin, possibly Xanax and drank a six pack was overdosing late at night, and police and rescue were called to assist. The man, in his stuper, ended up . Family members were concerned the man ingested too many pills, and police tried to stand him up. That's when the man reportedly fall into one of the officers, wrapping his hands around his waist. After a brief struggle, the officer claimed that "several times" he could feel the man's hand on his firearm, causing him to turn rapidly to free loose. Other officers were reportedly able to subdue the man, who was yelling and swearing. Given concern for him, the man was brought to the hospital and once he was secured, the man was released and charged with assault and resisting arrest. He later admitted his substance abuse issues to police.

Drunk, Lethargic and Driving on a Flat Tire

If an officer suspecting you of drunk driving asks you to step out of the vehicle, you probably don't want to a) be unaware you have a flat fire and b) lose your basic motor skills. North Kingstown police pulled over a man reportedly , even into the opposite lane, while riding on a completely flat tire. According to reports, the man appeared to be lethargic and told the officer he was returning from his work at a local pub, and had been drinking that night. When asked to step out of the car, the man reportedly stared at the door for 10 seconds before reaching over and hitting it, but not opening it. Eventually, he pulled himself together to find the door handle, open it and almost fall down. Later, the man would reportedly tell police he was unaware of the flat tire.

Teen Gets 2 DUIs in Two Hours

Teens and young adults, don't do anything you'd regret as you near graduation ... especially this. 

Middletown police charged  after reportedly spotting his vehicle driving erratically and driving the wrong way through the CVS Pharmacy drive-thru. Upon speaking with the driver, officers detected a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana from his breath, and then he reportedly failed the field sobriety tests and had a difficult time maintaining balance when on his feet. Police also found four sealed bottled of alcoholic beverages in his trunk. This was at 11:06 p.m.

At 1:10 a.m., an officer on patrol heard the teen had been released and was walking back to his vehicle at the CVS parking lot. The officer spotted the vehicle leaving the parking lot at a high rate of speed, and swerving across the road, so he pulled car over. The teen told the officer he was coming from a friend’s house in Newport and was on his way home to Portsmouth. When asked if he had made any stops on his way home, the teen reportedly answered no. Then when asked a second time, he said that he had thought about stopping for food, but decided to go home because he had graduation rehearsal in the morning. The officer asked about his stop at the police station, and the man reportedly answered, “oh yeah, well, yeah I was there too.” The teen admitted to making a bad decision, but felt he was fine to drive. He took a preliminary breath test, registered a .052 blood alcohol count and was charged again for DUI.

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