Jul 29, 2014
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Police Give More Details On High School Arrest

Portsmouth police say a Little Compton teen allegedly acted disorderly long after a fight at the high school.

Police Give More Details On High School Arrest

Portsmouth police have provided more details into the Tuesday arrest of a Little Compton teen. 

Joshua Despres, 18, of Little Compton, was arrested Tuesday around 2 p.m. and charged with disorderly conduct. The arrest stemmed from a fight that occurred Monday morning at Portsmouth High School.

Despres, a student at the school, apparently became involved in an argument with a fellow student. During the argument, Despres allegedly yelled racial slurs at the 17-year-old man. 

The 17-year-old then allegedly struck Despres in the face. The teen was also arrested and charged with assault. His case will be referred to Family Court. 

According to police, Despres allegedly continued to act disorderly long after fight. He allegedly yelled and swore at a teacher. 

"He continued to be disruptive and to use vulgarity," said Lt. Brian Peters. 

Police presented the evidence to a district court judge, who issued a warrant for Despres' arrest. Despres pleaded not guilty to the disorderly conduct charge at his arraignment Tuesday. 

We called police after a wave of comments were made on the initial post. Some users questioned how a "racial slur" could result in an arrest, while others questioned why the police were called at all.  

Police today have more than over stepped their boundaries, this is a school issue and should be handled as one. — hometownLove.

In no way do I condone his use of a racial slur but to get arrested for saying it is absolutely ridiculous. — Born and Raised in the Tiv

According to Portsmouth High School Principal Robert Littlefield, contacting police after a fight at the school is standard procedure. 

"We usually do consult with police," Littlefield said. "After consulting with police, we work with them and decide whether or not a student should be charged." 

Littlefield also said Monday's fight was an "isolated incident." "We consider this to be an isolated incident and not indicative of a school-wide problem," he said. 

Both of the students involved have also been suspended from school for 10 days. 

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