Jul 28, 2014

Prudence Island Ferry Service Receives 'No Confidence' Vote

The Prudence Island Planning Commission' members recently voted "no confidence" in the more than 30-year-old Prudence Island Ferry Service.

Prudence Island Ferry Service Receives 'No Confidence' Vote
The Prudence Island Planning Commission cast votes this past Saturday on the services provided by the Prudence Island Ferry Service Inc. 

The commission, which was tasked by the Portsmouth Town Council to endorse one of two ferry services, cast a straw vote this past Saturday, reports The Portsmouth Times

Seventeen of the board's 25 members cast a "no confidence" vote in the Prudence Island Ferry Service Inc., according to The Portsmouth Times

Currently, two companies - the Prudence Island Ferry Service Inc., owned by Bruce Medley since the mid-1980s, and a new company, A&R Marine - are seeking permission to operate the only public ferry service to the island. This vote by the PIPC might assist in the final decision. 

The issue of ferry service began when Bruce Medley, who has owned and operated the Prudence Island Ferry since the mid-1980s, announced he would retire last year. 

Medley originally said the ferry service would end on Dec. 1; however, he later took back this statement. The Prudence Island Ferry Service does not plan on closing now. 

However, the retirement announcement set into motion a discussion about ferry services. 

A new company, A&R Marine, which would operate as Prudence and Bay Islands Transport, has submitted its application to the RI Public Utilities and Carriers Commission. 

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