Jul 29, 2014

Undecided Voters: What Are You Waiting For?

As Election Day 2012 draws closer, we want to hear from undecided voters around Portsmouth.

Undecided Voters: What Are You Waiting For?

While most voters have already made up their minds whether they want to re-elect President Barack Obama or cast their ballots in favor of former Gov. Mitt Romney, about 7 percent of the likely voting population remains undecided, according to the Huffington Post.

It’s that undecided group we want to reach out to today. We’d like to hear from those of you who remain unsure which way you’ll go on Nov. 6.

Here are our questions for you:

What has prevented you from making up your mind so far?

Is there a particular issue or stand on an issue you’re waiting to hear more from the candidates about?

What would make you favor one candidate over another?

Whatever the case, we want to hear your opinions. Sound off on why you're still undecided in the comments section below.

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