Jul 28, 2014

VIDEO: Crowds Flock To Tiverton's New Grocery Store

Tiverton-Little Compton Patch commenters rejoiced in getting a new grocery store. A couple took issue with the parking lot.

VIDEO: Crowds Flock To Tiverton's New Grocery Store

Although turnout numbers are not immediately available for the of in Tiverton, flurries of people flocked on Friday to check out the new grocery store.

Here's a sampling of Patch comments about Tom's Market. A couple users highlighted an issue driving in the parking lot. Do you agree?

- Went today to celebrate Tom's opening! It's wonderfully clean and well-stocked! I'm so happy to have a nice grocery store close by!!!! Good luck to them!

- In a word; WOW! What an INCREDIBLE store! Variety at great prices! Welcome, Tom's; I hope you have a long long stay with us!

- I can't wait to go! I will definately be stopping by Tom's this weekend. Good luck to them! I have heard great things about their other two stores, so I'm assuming this would be similar. :)

- I am happy that this store is in Tiverton. Hoping it is a sign of economic recovery. But, like I said above the parking is terrible. I was there yesterday (Sat) and there is barely enough room between the parking rows for 2 cars to pass through, and backing up out of your spot is also tough, just too tight. The islands with the landscaping look nice, but even my 9 yr old son pointed out "Mom, why didn't they just make them smaller so you have more room to back up?" hmm....

- Agree with parking situation but bear with them. Prob won't get better and no idea what solutions there may be for it. They certainly need our support here in town to keep going. It is a great addition to the town.

- Have been there both Friday and today so far!

- What a wonderful, overdue addition to Tiverton. Everyone needs to support this well organized, reasonably priced store. No more going to Fall River for a banana!!!! Priceless!!!!

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