19 Aug 2014
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Are You Aware? Diagnostics Charges

Terry's Auto, located on Blackstone St. in Woonsocket, charges $90 for a service Auto Zone conducts for free.

Are You Aware? Diagnostics Charges Are You Aware? Diagnostics Charges Are You Aware? Diagnostics Charges

For Woonsocket residents, one of the most conveniently located mechanics in town would have to be , which is now owned and operated by Gil Denomme. Located right on the corner of Main and Blackstone St., it is an establishment which caters to many folks who live here in Woonsocket.

Auto Zone, which is located in the Park Square Plaza, offers free testing when your “Check Engine” light comes on. That should tell us that this diagnostic test  cost virtually nothing.

Terry’s Auto, however, will not accept the codes from Auto Zone diagnostic  test.  According to Gil Denomme,  they have to do this diagnostic test themselves. Why? Hmmm… not really sure. When I asked Kelly, the receptionist there at Terry's Auto, I did not feel I was given a clear answer.  Could it be the extra $90 they’d be missing out on?

Gil charges $90 for the five minutes it takes to diagnose the “Check Engine” light.

Although Kelly will tell you –if you ask – that they do indeed charge extra for this, she did not tell me how much.

I made the mistake of not asking how much it would be.  I assumed that since Auto Zone conducted this service for free, it couldn’t possibly cost more than a few dollars. Well, I got stuck with a near $100 bill before any auto work was even done.

Many mechanics charge fees for diagnostics and it may take a little searching to find a place that will listen when you tell them just what you want fixed. At least now, you are aware.

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