Jul 30, 2014

City Treasury Clerk Arrested For Fraud

City Officials allege Michelle Giguere stole up to $7,000 from City Treasury office.

City Treasury Clerk Arrested For Fraud

A clerk of seven years at the Woonsocket City Treasury Office was arrested today for Unlawful Appropriation (over $1,000) and Computer Access for Fraudulent Purposes. City officials allege that Michelle Giguere, 41, of 59 Bradley St., stole more than $7,000 from city coffers during her time at City Hall. She was terminated from the position on Tuesday.

Giguere turned herself in on an arrest warrant at the Woonsocket Police station around 7:30 a.m. this morning. The warrant was obtained after a lengthy investigation by the Woonsocket Police Detective Division, which is still on-going.

As a result of various financial and management controls implemented by the current administration, the finance department identified suspicious activity which prompted the review of various cash transactions going back to at least early 2009.

According to Det. Lt. Eugene Jalette, officials at City Hall conducted their own investigation after noticing discrepancies in many of the transactions Giguere handled.

"People would come in to pay their quarterly taxes, water bills and things of that nature and she manipulated the computer system to show different balances," Jalette said. "She used her authority to commit fraud."

City Officials notified police of the suspicious transactions by Giguere, resulting in the warrant.  The investigation by police detectives continues with city financial officials alleging that, over said period of time, Giguere stole over $7,000 from the City Treasury Division.  

Giguere was processed at the Woonsocket Police Station. She was later brought to District Court in Providence for arraignment.

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