23 Aug 2014
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OMGPD: DUI Expert, A Rude Awakening

Take a look at some of the more compelling police reports from around the state. Ann arrest does not indicate a conviction.

OMGPD: DUI Expert, A Rude Awakening


DUI Lawyer Arrested on DUI Charges…Again

Apparently one East Providence lawyer was looking to conduct more “research” for her practice this past week. The 32-year-old lawyer, . This isn’t her first DUI charge: Last year, Barrington police charged her with DUI. Those charges were dropped because police did not witness her driving erratically: they did allegedly find several open bottles of alcohol in her car.


Moons Over Barrington

Drivers looking to the night sky in Barrington last week saw multiple “moons” mingled among the stars over the Staples building. According to reports, a quartet of teen boys (one 15-year-old boy and three 14-year-old boys) were dropping trou and presenting their posteriors to the town as they reportedly mooned vehicles from the roof of the building. Police found three of the “mooners” at a bus sop not far from the shopping plaza. Police contacted their parents to pick them up at the police station. The boys were not formally charged, but were warned to stay off any roofs – and cover their butts.


Man Stops Crime With Crime

An attempted drug deal was broken up in Woonsocket earlier this week. Unfortunately, the man responsible for stopping the crime won’t be winning any awards with this act. According to reports, the 32-year-old man allegedly stopped the deal by pulling a gun on one of the would-be dealers and demanding he empty his pockets. The almost drug dealers had stopped their car to plug in an address into their GPS when the antihero intervened, eventually pulling a 16-year-old boy involved in the would-be deal out of the car and hitting him over the head, stealing his wallet and fleeing on foot. Police found the man down the road and charged him with two counts of first-degree robbery, felony assault, carrying a dangerous weapon in the commission of a crime and carrying a knife while in the commission of a crime. All charges were felony counts, except for a misdemeanor charge of possession of a weapon other than a firearm.


Waking Up With a Bash to the Head

There’s nothing worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Actually, scratch that. Waking up to a bash over the head is probably worse. According to reports, a 23-year-old woman tried waking up a 25-year-old man. When traditional methods failed her. The method worked, but things (shockingly) went downhill as the man allegedly became involved in an argument with another man at the home, punching him and biting his upper thigh. The man reportedly went on to throw a dog gate against a wall (damaging both) and then went outside and began yelling profanities as children boarded a school bus nearby. Both the man, and the woman who punched him into consciousness, were arrested.

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