20 Aug 2014
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OMGPD: Painful Arrest, Door-buster

Take a look at some of the more intriguing police reports from around the state. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

OMGPD: Painful Arrest, Door-buster


Starting The New Year in the Wrong Direction

One Pawtucket man has started off 2013 in the wrong direction – literally. At about 1:54 a.m. on New Year’s Day, police pulled over the 27-year-old man after he was spotted driving the wrong way on a Woonsocket street. The man said he was unfamiliar with the roads, but police believe there was another factor in his poor sense of direction after they reportedly smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Oh, and the beer bottles on the floor of his car didn’t help his case either. He allegedly failed his field sobriety test.


A New Definition of ‘Pop’

Patience is a virtue that one Woonsocket woman hasn’t learned yet. Police received several calls of a woman screaming and banging on the windows of a convenience store early in the morning before the store even opened. When officers arrived, she reportedly became hostile and told them she doesn’t like police, even allegedly telling them she’d “pop” them if they touched her. Unsure of what “pop” meant, police asked the 29-year-old woman to stop reaching into her purse and pockets, which she ignored. Police soon learned what “pop” meant when they attempted to frisk her: the woman responded by grabbing on to a railing and mule-kicking an officer in the groin. She continued to struggle until police pepper-sprayed her. She was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, simple assault and resisting arrest.


That’s One Way to Open a Door

We’re not sure if this man had a tragic experience involving a door in his youth, but one East Providence teenager really seems to hate doors. EP Police responded to the teen’s home after his father called to report a disturbance. According to the father, his 19-year-old son was punching doors. It wasn’t the first time the young man had taken out his rage on a door. His father said he had punched about 35 doors in the past few years. Kudos to the father for keeping count.


You Can’t Hide For Long

A 31-year-old Newport man who slipped past officers was only able to elude his arrest for a month before officers finally nabbed him this past week. On Dec. 1, the police were in the process of arresting the man on charges of driving without a license when he allegedly fled from the scene. An officer pursued him on foot and followed him into a condominium complex where the man’s girlfriend lives. When officers got to the woman’s apartment, she refused to answer the door. Once police got into the apartment, the man was gone. It appeared the back window of the condo had been opened. Right before the end of the year, police finally caught and arrested the man.

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