Jul 30, 2014

Patrick McGee Named Curriculum Director For Woonsocket Schools

New director must earn state curriculum certification within six months.

Patrick McGee Named Curriculum Director For Woonsocket Schools Patrick McGee Named Curriculum Director For Woonsocket Schools Patrick McGee Named Curriculum Director For Woonsocket Schools


Editor's note: This article uses quotes taken from audio clips of the School Committee's Nov. 20 meeting at Mywoonsocket.com's "In Their Own Words" section. You can  listen to the entire meeting at thier site.

Woonsocket Middle School Principal Patrick McGee will be the school department's new director of curriculum following a School Committee vote approving the promotion Nov. 14.

On July 26, Carolyn Dias, RIDE's chief of fiscal integrity and efficiencies, told the Budget Commission the school department needed the position, budgeted at about $100,000, to handle curriculum, bringing the district in line with the  Common Core Curriculum standards RIDE has set a 2014 deadline to meet.

School principals in Woonsocket .

The Woonsocket Budget Commission voted to advertise for the job during that meeting, after Superintendent Giovanna Donoyan reversed her position stating the district didn't need a director of curriculum. She didn't explain the change of heart.

At Woonsocket Middle School Nov. 14, School Committee member Chris Roberts asked if McGee had earned a state certification in curriculum. Donoyan said no, but added that McGee's background and experience made up for the lack of the credential. 

"I fully support Dr. McGee as Director of Curriculum, but I have an issue with having a Dirctor of Curriculum without the state certificate," Roberts said.

Committee member Anita McGuire-Forcier agreed. "I assumed the interview committee would make sure that they're (candidates) qualified and have what they need," she said, but regardless of McGee's qualifications, earning the certificate would only improve them.

Roberts made a motion to require McGee to earn his curriculumn certificate within six months. It passed, with School Committee Chair Vimala Phongsavanh and School Committee member Eleanor Nadeau voting no. 

The Committee then voted to approve hiring McGee for the position, which also passed, this time with only Nadeau voting against.

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