Jul 27, 2014
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Sold! Four Homes in Woonsocket

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Sold! Four Homes in Woonsocket


Welcome to our weekly feature,  Sold!, on WoonsocketPatch, where we list sales of homes in our town and surrounding areas every week. This week we've got four home sales recorded in Woonsocket listed on aol.com:


86 Mill St Apt 203 

Selling price: $66,500

Type: Condo

Sale Date: Jan. 10


172 Pond St 

Selling price: $77,000

Type: Single Family Home

Sale Date: Jan. 24


80 Mill St Apt 202 

Selling price: $79,500

Type: Condo

Sale Date: Jan. 25


122 Hamlet Ave 

Selling price: $99,000

Type: Single family

Sale Date: Jan. 31

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