Jul 27, 2014
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Taxes Are Crushing Woonsocket

Taxes Are Crushing Woonsocket
Ok here you have a nice home for $229,900 now thats not a lot of money for a descent size home. You struggle to find the right mortgage at the right price then!... You say this must be wrong how could this be right! $9006 per year TAXES!  $750... per month to fund the Woonsocket system that is really broken! HOW could someone that is interested in buying a house for 229K possibly afford another $750 per month JUST for taxes. Something is very very wrong here. If that house was over the border in Bellingham the taxes would be about $2708 $225 per month. This should be front page news! and yes I do own many properties in this great city that I see getting crippled. At everyone of these homes someone is paying the taxes owners or Bank owned properties. WOW! Woonsocket 


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