Jul 28, 2014
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Woonsocket Police: Drowning Victim Identified As Lorenzo Ajavon

Seventeen-year-old's identity was confirmed using fingerprints, bus pass in backpack.

Woonsocket Police: Drowning Victim Identified As Lorenzo Ajavon


Woonsocket Police have identified the as Lorenzo Ajavon, 17, of 372 Robinson St.

Police Det. Sgt. Matt Ryan said investigators were able to identify Ajavon using fingerprints and a bus pass found in a knapsack among his belongings nearby his body at the corner of River Street and South Main Street.

Police contacted the person listed on the bus pass, who was a friend of Ajavon's, and said he had loaned him the pass. With Ajavon's name, police contacted his parents, who allowed them to collect Ajavon's fingerprints from their home, allowing them to confirm the victim was Ajavon.

The Woonsocket Call has posted a photo of the teenager with their story on the investigation.

"The investigation continues at this point," Ryan said. He said that though there are no marks on Ajavon's body, and no obvious signs of foul play, there are still outstanding toxicology tests, and more work to do in the investigation of the circumstances leading to Ajavon's death. "Nothing's ruled out at this point," Ryan said.

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