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Woonsocket Police Log: Stabbing Victim Refuses To File Complaint

A look at police activity around the city from April 1 through April 3.

Woonsocket Police Log: Stabbing Victim Refuses To File Complaint

Stabbed man found lying on Chester Street

A city man refused to file a complaint on Sunday despite a stab wound that landed him in the trauma center at Rhode Island Hospital and may have caused his right lung to collapse. Isaac Roman was found lying on the ground near 8 Chester St. around 10 p.m. with an inch deep stab wound near his heart which was bleeding heavily.

After Roman was stabilized, he told police at the hospital that he did not know who had stabbed him and described the perpetrator as an older white male wearing a white shirt. According to Roman, he had cut through the parking lot of a church while walking to when a man who he did not recognized stabbed him without saying a word and then ran towards Social Street. Roman refused to file a complaint.

In the same report, police described the arrest of Jose Fredd, 56, of 1005 Social St. Fredd was charged with disorderly conduct and identity fraud around the same time on Sunday at 131 Chester St. Roman had reportedly been seen leaving the same apartment earlier that evening clutching his chest.   

Littered Powerball ticket disguises cocaine

Matthew Daniel Hogan, 33, of 455 Prospect St. was arrested at Back Alley Pub on Sunday after bar security told Officer McGourty, the police detail at the establishment, that he was concerned about possible drug activity in the parking lot. McGourty reportedly recognized Hogan from previous incidents and observed him walking towards the parking lot. Hogan allegedly turned around and walked back into the bar after spotting McGourty. 

The officer proceeded to the car in question and asked the three individuals inside what they were doing. One man in the vehicle, Aaron Duridas, told McGourty that they were picking up a friend but was unable to provide the individual's name. Upon further questioning, Duridas admitted he was "trying to buy some weed" and was arrested.

Hogan, meanwhile, approached security inside the bar and asked if the people in the parking lot were in trouble, saying they were there to pick him up. Hogan reportedly refused to go out to the parking lot while police were there. Officer McGourty returned to the bar and attempted to speak with Hogan who ran into the bowling alley. When McGourty caught up with him, the suspect allegedly struck the officer in the chest. A struggle ensued and after Hogan was restrained, the bar manager gave McGourty a crumpled up Powerball slip which he said he had seen Hogan throw during the skirmish. The slip contained two bags of cocaine with a value of $100.   

Other police activity

Cory Fanion, 43, was arrested on Friday for possession of marijuana, and driving in possession of a controlled substance on Olo Street.

Thomas Comire, 43, of 72 Upton Rd., Uxbridge, was arrested on Saturday at 75 Arnold Street for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Patrick Kevin Comire, 42, of 75 Arnold St. was arrested on Saturday for refusing to move.

Sonya Geter, 31, of 20 Jeffers St. was arrested on Saturday at Consumers gas station for disorderly conduct, vandalism and resisting arrest.

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