Jul 29, 2014
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Woonsocket Police Log: Woman Assaulted In Attempted Robbery

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Woonsocket Police Log: Woman Assaulted In Attempted Robbery

Woman attacked in alleyway near Vintage Restaurant

Joseph Stanley Rowe, 31, of 241 Park Ave. was arrested on Sunday for first degree robbery and resisting arrest. A police officer waiting at the light on the corner of Bernon and Main Streets was flagged by two frantic men who said that a woman was being beaten up by a white man in the alleyway between Vintage Restaurant and the Hanora Lippitt apartment complex. According to reports, the officer quickly parked his vehicle and spotted the man standing over a woman hitting her with a closed fist.

The suspect reportedly saw police approaching and took off running. The witnesses stayed with the victim while the officer chased Rowe to a dumpster behind Hava Java. He snuck up behind Rowe and attempted to subdue him with OC spray, but the suspect spotted him at the last moment and was able to block the spray with his hat. Rowe again took off running, but back up arrived and three officers cornered the suspect on the Front Street bypass, stunning him with a tazer.

The victim, 50-year-old Brenda Alvardo said she was walking home through the alley when Rowe came out of the dark behind her and said "Give me your money." When Alvardo told him she didn't have any money, Rowe allegedly punched her in the eye then pinned her to the ground, searching her pockets. He located Alvardo's EBT card, but the woman grabbed him by the testicles and the neck and he dropped it. She said Rowe again punched her in the face and continued beating her until police arrived. Alvardo was conscious, but bleeding from the right eye and was taken to Landmark Medical Center for treatment.     

Sting turns up steroids, crack cocaine and marijuana

Geny Modesta Laureano, 28 of 288 Rathbun St. and Darren Tyrell Harris, 26, of the same address were arrested on Friday after a search warrant was executed on the couple's shared apartment. The warrant was the result of an investigation in which undercover officers purchased drugs from Harris. Police found $250 worth of crack cocaine, $360 in cash and a vial of steroids in the home along with several needles and syringes, a scale and plastic baggies typically used in packaging narcotics. Laureano was charged with manufacturing/delivering narcotics and possession of marijuana, and Harris was charged with possession of a schedule 3 substance (steroids,) possession of marijuana and manufacturing/delivering narcotics.

Other police activity

Emmanuel Norpha, 23, of 515 Ballou St. was arrested at home on Friday for domestic vandalism and domestic assault.

Stephen Raspallo, 49, of 24 Stanmore Rd. in Warwick was arrested at Cooky's Bar and Grill on Friday for driving under the influence.

Kenneth McKay, 27, of 45 Arnold St. was arrested at home on Friday for breaking and entering.

Benny Notrangelo, 29, of 460 Diamond Hill Rd. was arrested on Friday at Brews and Cues for disorderly conduct and failure in duty to stop.

Damian Oliveria, 33, of 17 4th Ave. was arrested on Saturday at Cumberland Farms on South Main Street for domestic assault, simple assault and resisting arrest.

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