Jul 28, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Mark Todd

Mark Turner for Sheriff Campaign Manager Mike Todd responds to a previous Letter to the Editor.

Letter to the Editor: Mark Todd

This letter is response to the letter to editor from . 

Mr. Taylor needs to read the Constitution, or specifically the first amendment, more commonly referred to as the establishment and free exercise clauses in that amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Mr. Taylor should note that the restriction is placed on Congress, not a church or churches. It is designed to prevent Congress from influencing religion, not the other way around. When your founding documents start with “inalienable rights” endowed by the Creator – religion is in the document itself. Their intent was to avoid a “church of the United States.”

But that is not the real issue. Government business throughout the history of the United States has been conducted in churches. Many polling places are located in churches. Town meetings and other events have been conducted there because the churches were places of community, often the center of social activity as well as religious and civil matters. Mr. Taylor needs to check his history as well as his Constitution. 

I am not a member of Cathedral and would not presume to defend or attack the Pastor for his leadership. It’s not my business. I do know the sign which he referred to at Faith Assembly, was not put there by the church, but was a paid sponsorship of the sports program for the school located on the campus. Again, that is the business of the school and the candidate. Mr. Taylor needs to do a little more research before he starts attacking church congregations, their pastors, and their schools.  

Mr. Taylor seemed to be more concerned about the Sheriff’s race and failed to mention the activity of the incumbent with local churches. I believe we can safely assume he is a supporter of the current administration, and his comments should be read in that light. 

Mr. Taylor also seems to be a fan of God’s word but apparently ignores some of the more potent verses calling for social action by the church. He would prefer pastors and churches that remain silent on the important issues of the day. That type of church is useless and contrary to the biblical text. A faith without works is dead. The Word calls for a holistic approach to public and private life. The Word cannot be separated from politics or any other portion of life. That Word should drive every believer’s choices at home, at work and at the polls. I assume Mr. Taylor is familiar with Proverbs 11:10-11. 

On the other hand, the Constitution guarantees political free speech regardless of how ill-informed the speaker may be at the time. Mr. Taylor has every right to his opinion and should be congratulated on the courage it took to submit it to the paper for publication. Courage as he probably offended every church member on both sides of the election. That in itself is either bravery or foolishness, which are usually divided by a very fine line. 

Mr. Taylor’s attempt to get the voters to look away from the main issue of citizen confidence in the Sheriffs’ office was poor. Statistics can be used to prove any point. In the last few months, burglaries and home invasions have increased dramatically. The voters in the Sheriff’s election have to ask – do you feel safer now than you did 4 years ago? If not, then a change is in order.  

Mark Todd 

Campaign manager, Mike Turner for Sheriff 

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