Jul 28, 2014
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Perry Misspeaks on Candidacy Age

Presidential hopeful Rick Perry meets Greenville boy with aspirations to become president.

Perry Misspeaks on Candidacy Age Perry Misspeaks on Candidacy Age

Add a new gaffe to GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry's list: The age of candidacy to run for president is 21.

The Texas governor quickly corrected his mistake, saying that the age is 35.

Perry was speaking to "future President" Catcher Jones, 7, of Greenville Thursday during an event in Mount Pleasant. 

"I'm glad you're not 21," Perry said, crouching down to Catcher and then eyeing the group around him. "Or actually 35."

Perry recently came under fire for saying the legal voting age was 21 in New Hampshire, according to the Huffington Post. 

But Catcher didn't catch Perry's gaffe. He was just excited to meet the governor, who he called "fine." 

Catcher wore a shirt that read "Future President: Accepting Campaign Donations Now." 

Why does he want to become president?

"I want to make sure Americans are safe," Catcher said. He also said lowering food prices would also be a part of his future campaign. 

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