Jul 29, 2014

GOP, Democratic Primaries Set for Tuesday

Republican primaries set for U.S. Senate race and 11th congressional district; Democratic primary set for 8th congressional district.

Northern Virginians head to the polls on Tuesday, June 12 to vote in Republican primaries for the U.S. Senate race in Virginia and the 11th congressional district.

Republican Primary - Senate

In the Senate Republican Party Primary, voters across the state will choose among , , and . The winner will run against Democrat .

Republican Primary - Eleventh Congressional District

In a Republican Party Primary in the 11th congressional district, voters will choose between and . The winner of the primary will face Democratic Congressman Gerald Connolly. Independent Mark Gibson is also running in the 11th District. He is required to gather 1,000 signatures to get onto the November ballot. The deadline is Tuesday.

Democratic Primary - Eighth Congressional District

For the 8th congressional district, a Democratic Party Primary ballot pits longtime incumbent  against newcomer. The victor will face Republican  in the general election. Independent  must gather 1,000 signatures to get onto the November ballot in the 8th District race. The deadline is Tuesday.

Congressional Boundaries have Shifted

Here are links to maps from the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) showing the new and old maps:

8th Congressional District Map

10th Congressional District Map

11th Congressional District Map

Some voting locations have also changed. If you're unsure where to go to vote, you can plug in your address on the State Board of Elections website.


Q: Where do I vote?

A: Find your polling place at the State Board of Elections.

Q: Am I registered to vote?

A. Find out at the State Board of Elections.

Q: If my precinct is holding both a Republican and a Democratic primary, may I vote in both?

A: No

Q: What time are the polls open?

A. The hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information about the primaries on Tuesday, visit the  Fairfax County Office of Elections.

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