Jul 26, 2014
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Congressman Moran 'Cussed Out' Over Suggestion to Raise Congressional Pay

Office received 'thousands' of calls, many with expletives, he said, after he told Roll Call about a proposal to hike pay of members of Congress.

Congressman Moran 'Cussed Out' Over Suggestion to Raise Congressional Pay
Congressman Jim Moran's office was swamped with angry phone calls after he encouraged members of Congress to give themselves a raise, saying $174,000 a year wasn't enough to maintain two homes for those who live outside the DC area.

Moran told the Associated Press that since he stood up for the pay hike, his office fielded thousands of calls, "almost all of them using obscene language."

"There's a legitimate fear that the House is going to be increasingly populated by two types of members," Moran told the AP. "One will be those who come for only a couple terms before multiplying their salary in the private sector as the result of their service. And the other (would be) those who are sufficiently wealthy for whom our salary is a rounding error of their net worth."

Moran announced in January that he's retiring from Congress. A resident of Alexandria, he has not announced what he'll be doing after he leaves Capitol Hill.

Ten Democrats and one Republican are vying for his seat.

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