23 Aug 2014
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LTE: Ballpark Is Asset to One Loudoun

A reader agrees with a previous letter supporting the stadium move.

LTE: Ballpark Is Asset to One Loudoun

Dear editor,

I agree with Roger Majak's letter to let the stadium be built in One Loudoun.

First of all, the stadium is located at the farthest end of the development and the traffic will not be touching the Potomac Green, more than it is doing now. With a World Trade Center as the central piece of One Loudoun, it would bring more traffic on daily basis. The Stadium traffic will be only be on very few days of the game and will originate and terminate at the first entry on Loudoun County Parkway, very close to Route 7 exit. It will bring the higher price for the properties in Potomac Green and will be an asset to the One Loudoun development.

Loudoun needs a ballpark. We are putting up with the continuous noise of air traffic daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. and it is impossible to sit outdoors. If we bought these properties knowing the loud noise of air traffic, we now should not be complaining against stadium noises.

Prabhjot S. Kohli


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