Jul 29, 2014
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LTE: Kaine Is a Proven Leader

Sterling reader weighs in on why she supports the Democrat in the U.S. Senate race in Virginia.

LTE: Kaine Is a Proven Leader

Dear editor,

From his time as mayor of Richmond to governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine has proven he cares about results and he knows what matters to Virginians. We want good jobs, good schools, and we want to make sure our veterans and our seniors are given the benefits they have earned. Tim Kaine will make these issues a priority in the Senate and we can count on him to compromise with Republicans and Democrats to get this done.

His opponent George Allen is a divisive figure who attacks Democrats – notably saying, “let’s enjoy knocking their soft teeth down their whining throats.” That’s not the type of leader we need right now. Allen’s presence in the Senate would just exacerbate the divisive, partisan climate that is already plaguing Washington. We need someone who will make Virginia values a priority and get results by working together and compromising. We need Tim Kaine.

Joan Kowalski
Sterling, Virginia

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