Jul 26, 2014

Rams Warm Up at the Polar Bear Regatta

Rams Warm Up at the Polar Bear Regatta

Although they have been working out since before Thanksgiving, Robinson Crew members have had little time on the water in the pre-season due to the weather conditions in February and March.  The Polar Bear Regatta, held for experienced rowers only, at Sandy Run Regional Park on Saturday, March 22 was expected to be a building time for the team.    

“The Polar Bear offers us an opportunity to learn and work out some kinks,” said Head Coach Jon Barrett to the Robinson Crew Booster Club early in the week. 

Still when the 2nd Women’s Varsity 8 hit the water and took first place with a time of 5:49.47, it was obvious that the Rams were starting the season well.

Three other boats – the Men’s Junior 8, the 1st Women’s 8 and the 3rd Women’s 8 all took second place in their respective races.

For the first varsity Men’s 8, the Robinson Crew coaches assembled an “all seniors” boat, as a special feature for the Polar Bear only.  The boat came in 5th with a time of 05:23.01.

On Saturday, the full team will travel to St. Andrews, Delaware, for its second competition of the season.

Times/placement for all boats are as follows:  

Men's Junior 8 - 2nd place @ 05:21.42

2nd Women's 8 - 1st place @ 05:52.50

2nd Men's 8 - 3rd place @ 05:35.09

1st Women's 8 - 2nd @ 05:49.47

1st Men's 8 - 5th place @ 05:23.01

3rd Women's 8 A - 2nd place @ 06:13.05

3rd Women's 8 B - 4th place @06:46.89



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