Jul 29, 2014
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Why is Virginia So …? Google Has an Answer

Searching for the most burning questions about Virginia?

Why is Virginia So …? Google Has an Answer
By Greg Hambrick

In a world where Google knows your question before finish asking it, Virginia is … strict?

A map that USA Today attributes to  @Amazing_Maps has been making the rounds on social media this week. The  creators inserted "Why is Virginia so" into the text box on Google. The search engine uses previous search trends to guess the rest of the question.

In this case, it was "strict." Other top answers when we tried Virginia: "expensive," "racist," "boring" and "humid." 

How would you complete the question, "Why is Virginia so…" Tell us in the comments!

The exercise was used on every state name. As USA Today notes, most states wouldn't use the results in state mottos:

"For many states, stereotypes are generated, such as for Tennessee (racist), Georgia (backwards) and Illinois (corrupt). New Jersey is perceived simply as 'bad.' Southern states such as South Carolina and West Virginia are listed as poor. And Florida is hot."

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