21 Aug 2014
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Give Halloween Back to the Kids

Why have adults co-opted Halloween?

Give Halloween Back to the Kids

When did Halloween become a day that was no longer about children?

I ask because this year, like every year, my daughter will go trick-or-treating, and at numerous houses throughout the neighborhood nobody will answer the door. For those who live in apartment or townhouse communities, where the population is more transient, the problem increases exponentially, to where the majority of dwellings are unoccupied come Halloween night. Without candy, the children are left to wander the streets in sadness.

For kids, Halloween can be a special holiday. It gives them a chance to dress in silly costumes and revel in the acquiring copious amounts of treats they otherwise can’t freely enjoy. As an adult, all you really need to do is buy some chocolate and stand at the door, preferably in a silly mask, to help create fun for your neighborhood kids.

Today, though, despite the fact that New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July, the Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day and countless lesser holidays all give adults ample opportunity to drink alcohol and shout “Wooo!” at the top of their lungs, Halloween has been co-opted as yet another excuse to party. Homes are left unpopulated, and children are left to spread great sorrow across the land.

I can’t even help my daughter find a cute kid’s costume to wear because I’m desperately trying to steer her away from the more grown-up costumes. Why does every costume for girls come with a garter? There are more costumes with the word “naughty” in them than the words “Harry Potter.” Did Blackbeard really wear fishnet stockings? I don’t know, but whoever designed the “naughty pirate” costume seems to think so. I’m sorry, but Alice in Wonderland’s dress was considerably longer than that.

Adults of the world: You still have 364 evenings during the year. For a couple hours on Halloween, put on some spooky music and hand out a few pieces of candy. Afterwards, you can dress as any naughty fictional character you wish.

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