Jul 28, 2014
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What Democratic Slate Did Your Precinct Select?

A closer look at Tuesday's Democratic primary for Alexandria City Council.

David Fromm, a longtime officer in the Del Ray Citizens Association and loyal Patch reader, put together this map depicting the top six vote-getters at each of the city’s 26 precincts in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for City Council.

Tim Lovain, Justin Wilson, Allison Silberberg, Del Pepper, Paul Smedberg and John Chapman each earned nominations from a field of 14 candidates, but, as Fromm wrote in an email, “it is interesting to see what the slate for city council would have looked like if very local interests had prevailed.”

In general, candidates did well in and near the precincts where they live. on Tuesday that his large totals at the and Blessed Sacrament precincts in his neighborhood went a long way in helping him secure the most votes (5,388) of any candidate. 

In the precinct, Wilson was the top vote-getter, followed by Lovain, Smedberg, Sean Holihan, Chapman and Pepper.

At the precinct, Wilson took the most votes, followed by Smedberg, Lovain, Pepper, Holihan and Silberberg.

The precinct was a little different; Pepper was the leading vote-getter, followed by Wilson, Victoria Menjivar, Sammie Moshenberg, Chapman and Smedberg.

At the precinct, Wilson took the most votes, followed by Smedberg, Lovain, Menjivar, Melissa Feld (a parent of two Maury students) and Silberberg.

In the Old Town-area precincts, Smedberg took the most votes in the Ladrey Senior Building, Fire Department Headquarters and Durant Center.

The City Hall precinct’s slate included Silberberg, Arthur Peabody, Menjivar, Moshenberg, Boyd Walker and Smedberg.

For a look at the complete results of Tuesday’s primary, check out the precinct-by-precinct totals on the Virginia State Board of Elections website.

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